Rating System


Below is a guide on how we rate the condition of our items.

Condition: New
Description: Absolutely new of course!

Condition: Mint
Description: Like new. Not used since it left the shop. No signs of use.

Condition: 10
Description: Very carefully used. Only very light user marks. Without close inspection, item would pass for mint.

Condition: 9
Description: A few light user marks from light and careful use. May show some very mild wear, such as rub marks by lug straps, or bright marks on metal base plate.

Condition: 8
Description: Light to moderate user marks. Typical amateur use. May have some very slight brassing and/or light scratches. Obviously well-maintained and cared for.

Condition: 7
Description: Well used but not abused. May have small dings, obvious brassing and scratches in common wear areas.

Condition: 6
Description: Very well used. May have moderate dings/ dents / scratches, yet refuses to stop operating.

Condition: 5
Description: Very heavy use. .May be heavily dented, heavily scratched, heavily brassed, yet simply refuses to stop operating, and you’ve got no idea why.

Condition: <5 /display
Description: Semi or non-working items usable for parts or for rebuilding, and the good looking ones can be nice paper-weights.

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