FAQ – Film Camera: Supplies & Accessories

Availability of Supplies & Accessories
-Lovingly contributed by Bertram-

Whether you are a beginner and taking your first steps into film photography, or are already a seasoned photographer, we always have certain burning questions to ask in order to make an informed purchase or assist in the post purchase process. We grow by sharing our knowledge and helping each other along the way. The following attempts to aid the new inducted into the world of film photography and vintage cameras.

Q: Where do you usually buy your film (120, 35mm, etc) from?

A: I usually get my Fuji film from Konota, which located in Peninsula Plaza #01-26 behind Bata. For non-Fuji films, I buy them from Ruby located in Peninsula Shopping Centre #01-01, beside Spinelli’s.

Q: There are so many types of film and so many brands. Which do you recommend?

A: It is very much individual preference through experimentation. I use Fuji Pro160 (both 35mm and 120) most of the time unless I am doing night shooting. For black and white film, I usually use Kodak Tri-X or TMax. For slide film I choose Fuji Provia. I recommend that you try others too so that you will see for yourself which is your preference.

Q: Where can I get my film processed?

A: I usually process all brands of colour film at Konota and black and white film at Ruby. If I am lazy [to go out], I will just process the B/W film at home.

Q: Is the cable release for the shutter [for my Yashica 124G] still available?

A: Yes, they are. You can ask for it at The Camera Workshop at Peninsula Shopping Centre
#01-31. Those nice guys will try their best to help you out
It’s best to bring your camera along while purchasing accessories for it to make sure it fits.

[Bertram’s update after visiting TCW]
The cable release they carry has a threaded nipple at one end, so you would not need an adapter for the Yashica Mats. Some cable releases may require an adaptor commonly known as the “Leica nipple”. The threaded cable releases I bought are like the threaded cable release from Nikon, which I bought. Fits the threads in the socket on the shutter button for both the Ricoh 500g and the Yashicamat 124 without requiring an adapter. Great stuff. The china made ones are longer than the nikon one though.

Q: I read that my camera’s light meter uses the discontinued mercury oxide cell. Is there a substitute for it in the market?

A: Yes, there are. You can google for it easily. For example, the Yashica Mat-124 uses a 1.3V PX13 or PX625 mercury cell, but takes a 1.5V EPX625G alkaline cell with no problems. If you are particular with the need for a steady reference voltage, you can buy the more expensive Wein Cell, in this case the MRB625 which is essentially a 1.4V hearing aid battery encased in a ring to make the size of a PX625.
Some, like the Minolta Hi-matic range of cameras DO NOT response well to the 1.5V alkaline batteries but does well with the 1.4V silver oxides.

More questions will be added on as they are asked.
Lets all say… “THANKS BERTRAM!”

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