This page is for you if you are unfamiliar with film photography, to help you kickstart your “new” photographic journey.

First question you may ask, “Why shoot film?” Why We Love Film pretty much explains why we still do.

Film vs Digital talks about the pros and cons of each medium. In terms of image quality, I’m afraid film still wins. Sorry tech geeks. 🙂 Can’t believe that? Watch this video in part 1 & part 2 to demonstrate that.
Here is another interesting video showing the results of Digital & Film.

If you are looking for a convenient and foolproof image-making method, you can shop here. Otherwise, please read on.

Here are some FAQs / tips for those who were educated in the not-so-old skool.

How to Load a Hasselblad?
How to Load a Rolleiflex?
How to Load a Yashica TLR?

How to use 120 film in a 620 Camera

How to Focus a Rangefinder?

Using a Non-metered Camera?

FAQ – Film Camera (Lovingly contributed by Bertram)

300+ User Manuals Here!

Polaroid hungry fellas, end your starvation! Here comes The Neo-Polaroid People!

We will continue to work hard and grow this page. Thank you.

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