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Madecine Camera Bags – OMD! (All 3 colors available now)

26/09/2011 9 comments

Madecine Camera Bag – OMD!

OH MY GOD! Finally a bag that is truly Madecinal!

Oh My Doc! is Madecine’s very first produce. With a front pocket that is perfect for small items like films, filters, even ez-link cards.

OMD! is an everyday bag that everyone should own!

Available in 3 colors in very limited stocks.

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Vintage Camera Bag #1

15/09/2011 Leave a comment

This is a semi hard or some would refer to as a hard case vintage bag. Apart from some rust on its metal parts, this is consider a well-preserved bag. No damage, no ribs and tear both inside and outside. It doesn’t have any compartment, hence, able to fit many camera models.

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Polaroid Hard Case Camera Bag

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Whether you use it as a camera bag or just a fashion accessory, this original Polaroid bag is sure to make heads turn on the street! The not so great news is that it cannot fit all Polaroid models, only those with detachable flash. Divider is not removable. Apart from the dull metal parts, the bag is in great condition! No damage, no ribs or tears.

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Kodak Hard Case Camera Bag RESERVED

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Cute and easy to carry around camera bag from Kodak. It has a foam base and a removable partition. Not something you’d easily find elsewhere.

Colour: Black
Interior Dimensions: Approx 19(L) x 9(D) x 11(H) cm
Fits: Compacts / Rangefinders / Manual SLR with a small lens

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Lucky 9’ers Camera Bag – IN STOCK!

14/09/2011 46 comments

Lucky 9’ers come in 2 sizes and 8 different colors to choose from. This range of bags offer lightly padded protection, making 9’ers compact and comfortable to carry, without compromising too much on the safety of your photo-gear.
All 9’ers have 1 main compartment, 1 front pocket, and 2 side pockets, all with zipper enclosures – Able to carry most camera kits, film, accessories, or your personal belongings, perfect for casual photo-outings!

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Beirette VS “Commie” Camera SOLD

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This camera is rare I have problems finding sufficient information online (apologies). All I can say that it’s has a very nice communist look, and great for experimental photography – pictures can be quite crappy or quite brilliant! Lomo lovers will definitely love this.

The VS was made in the early 70’s and has a metal body. The older shutter design allows multiple exposures (the shutter can be triggered repeatedly without advancing film), a “feature” not available in the later plastic models. The VS is also far less common.

See Samples taken with Beirettes of various models (all had the same Meritar optics)
See sample images taken with the Beirette.

A japanese Lomo site with photo samples.
More sample pictures here and here.

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Argus “Brick” Match-matic Rangefinder Camera

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Argus “Brick” Match-matic


The MatchMatic is basically a C3 with different colored leatherette covering and different, propriety markings on the exposure settings.

The Argus C2 and C3 are often referred to as the “Brick”, a sobriquet earned largely due to it’s appearance and weight. Largely conventional in operation it can catch out modern camera users as the shutter needs to be cocked prior to release with what looks like a delayed release winder. The C3 shares the same sprocket system as the earlier Argus A and like the A series enjoyed a long production run, remaining largely unchanged from 1939 to 1966. This heritage extends to the lack of double exposure prevention. These are fairly late examples with accessory shoe and coated lens.

Sample pictures  [1] [2] [3]

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