Madecine was conceived to share a rediscovery for more to enjoy, and the team consists of four friendly staff.

The Madecineman:
An image-maker, analogue-lover, day-dreamer, and a wannabe problem-solver, Jaye prescribes remedies according to your needs and likes.

The Missy:
Probably the most important woman behind every madecineman. Jerlyn may not be the most knowledgeable about photography, but she sure knows how to take good care of her patients.

The Surgeon:
Made in the 1940’s, those hands and brains for a surgeon finally serving their intended purpose. Unkle (H)Andy is one man whose seniority only  complements ability.

The Medic:
Spending most of his life delivering anything from good food to good news, Desmond is a Valentino Rossi who does more than ride in circles.

At Madecine, we aim to:

  • re-introduce the best medium
  • recommend remedies with integrity
  • resurrect the joys of image making
  • revive the art in photography
Check out our prescriptions at great value and the reliable service that you deserve.
“You don’t have to be rich to take good pictures!” (or have originality?)
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