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Nikon FM2(n) SLR Body *Honeycomb Shutter SOLD


Some call it “The best camera in the world”, Nikon prides it as “The Traditionalists’ Choice”.

The Nikon FM2n is famous for a few things: Its solid built of a tank, its independence to work without batteries, its smooth and easy film winding mechanism, and many more. Simply put, this classic is a camera that exudes quality.

The FM2n is a professional camera with a basic set of features and a great shutter. Shutter speeds are controlled in full stop increments from 1 second to 1/4000 and B. An MD-11 or MD-12 motor drive can drive the FM2n at up to 3.5 frames per second.

The viewfinder is simple, but provides useful information. Apertures appear in a window above the frame, shutter speeds in a cutout at the left, and a three-LED system on the right is used to set exposure. A horizontal split in the center circle is used for focusing.

The metering pattern is weighted to 60% of the exposure in the center of the frame (indicated by a circle in the viewfinder), with the rest of the frame accounting for 40%. You can set ISO values of 12 to 6400 (in the cutout on the shutter speed ring). Unlike newer bodies, the FM2n can still operate without a battery.

The self-timer is a mechanical affair and has one useful feature: when you press the shutter release with the self timer set, the mirror immediately is moved out of the way, sort of a poor man’s mirror lockup. The shutter release is threaded for a mechanical remote release.

Last but not least, being light in weight, small in size, and capable of working without battery power, make the FM2n a reliable, handy choice!


NAME Nikon FM2n (Body)
MANUFACTURER Nikon Corporation, Japan
FILM FORMAT 35mm (24 x 36mm frame size)
FILM TRANSPORT Lever provided wind only in single stroke; 30° standoff angle and 135° winding angle. Automatic film advance is possible with optional Motor Drive MD-12.
FOCUSING Split-image microprism type (Type K2) provided as standard; matte type (B) and matte with horizontal and vertical line etchings (E) optionally available.
LENS Nikon Series E 50mm f/1.8 as standard; other Series E lenses; most Nikkor lenses including AI-types. (None supplied in this sale)
FILTER MOUNT Lens dependent.
SHUTTER Switches meter ON when depressed halfway, threaded in center to accept standard cable release.
APERTURE RANGE Lens dependent.
FLASH SYNC Built-in hot shoe for mounting flash unit; sync cord terminal also provided; 1/250 sec. sync, LED blinks to warn of improper shutter speed setting. LED also lights when flash is recycled
METERING TTL center-weighted full aperture exposure measuring system using a pair of SPD’s (silicon photo diodes) from EV 1 to EV 18 at ASA/ISO 100 and with 50mm f/1.4 lens (i.e., from 1 sec. at f/1.4 to 1/4000 sec. at f/8.0)
FRAME COUNTER Additive type (S, 0-36); Automatically resets when camera back is opened.
SELF TIMER Set/cancel type provided; approximate. 8-14sec. shutter release delay
TRIPOD MOUNT Standard screw.
BATTERY TYPE Choice of one 3V lithium battery or two 1.5V LR44 button cells.
SIZE & WEIGHT (W x H x D): 143mm x 90mm x 60mm / 540g

User Manual



COSMETICS Camera has obviously been used very carefully, showing minimum user wear including bright marks on chrome, some scratches on bottom plate and bits of paint rub on back door.
Overall, this fantastic  camera is in outstanding condition, although not mint.
One of the prettier ones around for sure!
OPTICS Viewfinder, focusing screen and reflects mirror are all clean and clear.
MECHANICS Full working condition.
OTHERS Nikon DK3 eye cup + viewfinder filter shows wear but works good.
WHAT’S INCLUDED Camera body, Nikon body cap, Nikon DK 3 rubber eyecup + viewfinder filter and fresh batteries.

PRICE: SGD 440  (Delivery to your doorstep at no extra charge)

Click here to order.

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